Coaching for Individuals

I offer coaching for individuals via video conference, phone call, or email.

The email option, which I call asynchronous coaching, is for those who either don’t have the ability to commit to a one-hour coaching session during reasonable business hours, who prefer having time to think about their responses, or who, quite simply, don’t like talking on the phone or via a video call. For the email option, conversations occur over the course of a week with a commitment to respond to any email you send within 16 hours although responses will likely be more frequent than that.

Individual Meet and Greet (30 minutes, Free)

This is an introductory discussion to ensure compatibility and to answer any questions or concerns you might have.

Name It and Claim It Session (50 minutes, $100)

For someone who is brand new to CliftonStrengths, this is a session that will walk through your top five talent themes and give you a brief overview of what talents you have that make you so potentially amazing as well as a few things to watch out for given your talents.

Strengths Explorer Package: (Five sessions, 50 minutes each, $1,250)

This package includes five 50-minute coaching sessions, one for each of your top five talent themes with the goal of exploring what it is, what it isn’t, how it manifests for you, how to best utilize it, and strategies for developing each talent theme into a Strength.

Let’s Solve This Problem Package:  (Five sessions, 50 minutes each, $1,250)

This package includes an initial session to identify the target problem and a strategy for leveraging your Strengths to address it. There are then four follow-up sessions to monitor progress, ensure accountability, and adjust your approach as needed. Timing of the follow-up sessions is based upon the problem identified.

Individual Coaching Session: (50 minutes, $250)

For anyone who just needs a quick coaching session to explore Strengths further or discuss a particular issue they’re facing.