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Your Greatest Strength Is Your Greatest Weakness

Often times when talking about Strengths someone will look at the full list of 34 Strengths and think that those bottom Strengths on their report are their weaknesses. And that's just not the case. The bottom five or six Strengths on your report are simply who you are not. One of my bottom Strengths is… Continue reading Your Greatest Strength Is Your Greatest Weakness

Strengths General

Your Solution Is Not My Solution

Bear with me on this one because that title sounds a little confrontational and it's not meant to be. I was reading a blog post this morning by a very successful long-term author who is absolutely adamant about how authors should write. To the point that this author basically mocks anyone who doesn't write the… Continue reading Your Solution Is Not My Solution

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Strengths Determine How Not What

Yesterday I convinced one of my best friends to upgrade from the basic top five Strengths report to the full thirty-four report because I think it helps me improve as a coach to see the Strengths of those I've known really well for years. Plus I was also incredibly curious what was hiding out there… Continue reading Strengths Determine How Not What

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Understanding Doesn’t Equal Perfection

As someone who's always driving to do better and expects instant results from my efforts I sometimes have to step back and remind myself that just because I know how to do something that doesn't mean I'll execute it perfectly the first time I try to apply it. This comes up a lot with writing.… Continue reading Understanding Doesn’t Equal Perfection

Strengths Fails, Strengths Stories

Life Is Never Perfect and That’s Okay

I love Strengths because it gives people such a powerful insight into who they are and how they think versus all the people around them. I think there's something very freeing in realizing that that discomfort you sometimes feel is probably down to the fact that you have X Strength that most people don't have.… Continue reading Life Is Never Perfect and That’s Okay

Team Coaching

A Beautiful Disaster or a Tremendous Success

I have a coaching session next week with a group of ten baseball coaches to help them see how to leverage their Strengths to achieve success for their program. In many ways I've been thinking about this group of coaches like an executive team. There's the freshman division, the sophomore division, the junior varsity division,… Continue reading A Beautiful Disaster or a Tremendous Success

Strengths Stories

It’s Hard to Own Your Strengths

I am a firm believer in owning your Strengths, whatever they are. I have said this before and I will say it again: All 34 CliftonStrengths are worth having and will lead to success if you develop them into Strengths. But that can be a hard thing to do when the world has its own… Continue reading It’s Hard to Own Your Strengths

Strengths Stories

You Have to Believe in Yourself

I found Strengths through a great class for writers called Strengths for Writers. And as part of that class I am now part of a community of writers who can talk about their Strengths. It's fantastic. I highly recommend it for any writers. I shared to the group the other day an article from Gallup:… Continue reading You Have to Believe in Yourself